Libby Flewellen Lee

Founder & CEO, Share2Strengthen Inc.


Mission: SHARE2Strengthen Incorporated is designed for women to speak honestly and find real encouragement. Women will be encouraged, empowered and strengthened through sharing with each other. The community is designed to be a loving, listening, and learning space for all who desire personal and spiritual growth.  


SHARE reaches out to women who are in need of support providing advocacy services (i.e food, clothes, supplies, etc.).


Vision:  To provide ministry to the local, national and international community.  



Target Areas:  The ministry will physically donate to women/shelters in Florida starting with South Florida.  As the organization grows, we will reach out to every state in the United States and then globally. Mission projects in other areas will occur upon need.





Proverbs 27:17 (Voice Translation)

In the same way that iron sharpens iron, a person sharpens the character of his friend.





Engagement:  What SHARE2Strengthen Inc. does.


This group is designed for women to encourage and strengthen each other. Topics will be shared weekly to support growth on social media/or in person.

Bible Study Series offered in May- It's your time! 

A study on Vashti & Esther 


Prioritize Your Spiritual Health (PUSH)                



Encouraging spiritual awareness and empowerment.

Address: spiritual, mental, emotional and physical health            (men & women)



Matthew 6:33- 33 But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. (NIV)


Conferences (virtual and in person)


Outreach- Women Overcoming – WO

Women who are or who have been in the sex industry/sex trafficking.

Women who are in need of a restart. 

*offer personal supplies for ladies in purses/bags (PICTURES ABOVE)

*empowerment/self esteem workshops

*support groups



Domestic Violence Support Groups

*women who are/have been in abusive relationships

*supportive atmosphere - women to share and be encouraged 

*education awareness- discussing cycles of abusive/specialists to share with the group

*healthy relationships -wellness & healing

*encouragement & empowerment sessions

Domestic Violence Education Workshops for Churches

*101 Domestic Violence- What is it and how should the church respond?

*Handling difficult Biblical texts without abusing women

*Do's and Don'ts with domestic violence in marriage

*Establishing a domestic violence support group


About the Founder/CEO

 Libby Flewellen Lee was born and raised in Chicago IL. She is an ordained minister in the Church of God Ministries, Anderson, IN, since 2006. Libby is a licensed educator and certified domestic violence counselor.  She is the author of the book, Beaten But Not Broken....You're Still HereShe founded SHARE 2 Strengthen INC. in 2017. The ministry encourages and supports women through virtual and in person groups.  Libby desires to encourage women to be their authentic unique selves empowered to live their best lives. Recently, Libby opened up her first entrepreneurial venture to provide positive and inspirational merchandise named Libby Joy LLC.

Libby lives in sunny Florida working in the Broward Schools System as a science teacher. She is married to her best friend, Pastor Erwin G. Lee, for 23 years and they have two adult children.  

If you would like to book Libby Lee for an event or get more information regarding the ministry please contact.

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